Extreme Heavy
Metal Spinning

Glenn Metalcraft has a broad, advanced collection of equipment supported by the latest software. Our contract manufacturing atmosphere allows us to handle prototypes and production at any volume effectively.

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Extreme Heavy Metal Spinning

Glenn Metalcraft creates the highest quality parts that others say are too difficult or complicated. Our craftsmen and their equipment work within tight tolerances to meet our customers’ specifications. We also handle robotic welding, punching, automated machining, assembly, and waterjet cutting.

Glenn Metalcraft Incorporated (GMI)’s mission is to provide innovative, single-source solutions for the OEM industry. Building on our initial metal spinning competency, we consistently add capabilities, capacity, and automation to meet our customers’ needs.

At GMI, we are committed to providing an environment where everyone is treated with respect and allowed to develop and grow. Our insatiable desire for success and the success of our customers will ensure lasting and beneficial relationships.

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Glenn Metalcraft specializes in precision heavy gauge metal spinning.

Glenn Metalcraft has been in business since 1947. Our stable expertise, wide range of services, and high-tech equipment combine to fuel our continued passion for innovation. We were one of the first U.S. companies to invest in CNC spin forming technology, and we continue to lead the industry in high-quality, close tolerance, heavy gauge metal spinnings.

We also have access to metal industry experts so that we can recommend specific materials for new products. We provide engineering design reviews, cost reduction ideas, and prototype designs for manufacture.

Our relationships with customers are as solid as the metals we work with, forged on quality service for the highest quality parts. Glenn Metalcraft is an extension of each customer. We want to grow in the right direction, so we are careful about the type of work we accept and strive to achieve a good fit above all else.

Home to the Largest 3D Laser Cutter in North America

Our Prima Power Laser Next 2141 is a 3-4000 W fiber laser with approximately 13.5’ x 6.8’ x 3.3’ of working space. With this piece of equipment, we can offer unparalleled flexibility in terms of size and complexity, combined with unmatched quality and accuracy. We can also quickly generate and test entire cutting programs prior to first production.

With multiple machine configurations, we can offer 3D, 2D, and welding operations within a single workstation. Laser cutting can be used for drilling, marking, and engraving, as well as cutting, without expensive and time-consuming tooling swaps. Our expert staff, customer service, and access to industry experts are second to none, and so is our equipment.

Largest 3D Laser Cutter
Largest 3D Laser Cutter 2
Largest 3D Laser Cutter 3

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A diverse workplace helps us to understand our diverse customer base. This diversity enables innovation and productivity. Our goal is to recruit, develop, and manage exceptional manufacturing talent from all backgrounds, and we are committed to fostering a respectful, inclusive workplace in which our staff can thrive.

We are local, family-owned, innovatively driven, and can offer a competitive benefits package along with growth opportunities and advancement. The time to join our team is now!


We have a team of skilled engineers ready to support you in your product manufacturing. Contact us for more information about how our team can help you.