Automation - Handling Robot Capabilities

Automation is the backbone at GMI for improving processes and creating consistent parts for our customers. Our investment in both personnel and equipment has been greatest in this area of our company over the past few years. From handling heavy parts improving the speed and safety to welding as consistent and efficient as possible, our automation team has continued to make an impact to our customer base.



automation icon handling robot capabilitiesEach of our robots have tool changers for flexible automation / end of arm tools can be designed to meet their needs.

automation icon handling robot capabilitiesAll of our robots have a payload capacity of 165kg

automation icon handling robot capabilitiesAll robots are 6 axis machines

automation icon handling robot capabilitiesSpeeds up to 2000mm/sec.

automation icon handling robot capabilitiesIn house programmers to create program to customers spec

automation icon handling robot capabilitiesDrafters in house for designing tooling / building tooling


48 Robot - R 2000iB 165F

With a floor-mounted Fanuc available for this great spinning work center, capacity has increased and labor requirements have decreased.  We are excited to continue with our “Safety First” attitude with continually adding automation into our everyday work. Many of our parts are “big and heavy”, therefore, our great workforce loves the fact they don’t need to constantly handle these metal discs. With all of our material being picked up and put down with this mechanical workhorse, it has allowed our labor force to focus on continuous improvement of production and quality.

  1. Can handle 48” diameter part max
  2. Programmed to send a part to an operator to be inspected to customers specs to insure quality
  3. In cell deburring capabilities
  4. Flexible pack out options
  5. Two vacuum circuits and two pressure circuits/ for both vacuum cups and grippers


Haas - R2000iB 165R

This addition to our floor was much needed. Many of the parts we produce require secondary machining operations. Of these parts, a high percentage are over 100# each, up to 350# per part. Loading and unloading a mill with such heavy production parts is not nearly as cumbersome with this yellow beauty.

  1. Has iR 2D vision 
  2. Flexible pack out options 
  3. Programmed to send a part to an operator to be inspected to customers specs to insure quality

Welding Robot Capabilities

Welding Robot Capabilities

Plasma Robot - Arc Mate 120iC 10L

Customers of GMI have requested additional value-added services. GMI answered with this robotic HD plasma that has a work area capability very complimentary to our spinning abilities. This work center has given GMI the ability to make cuts on a 3D object of considerable size.

  1. 2 auxiliary axes with adjustable turrets / dual station
  2. Can cut both aluminum and steel
  3. Can cut holes ¾” and up
  4. Make tooling to spec
  5. Tolerance +- .060”
  6. Weld ready cuts

Welding Robot Capabilities

System 55 - Arc Mate 120iB 10L

This robotic welding cell is our workhorse. The majority of our welding happens right here. But don’t worry about redundancy…we have another one! Added in 2014, a twin was put on the floor to give GMI more capacity and a backup to our main welding cell.

  1. Can handle max diameter 63”
  2. 2 auxiliary axes turrets / dual station 
  3. Seam tracking capabilities
  4. We can weld steel in it 

Welding Robot Capabilities

System 50 - Arc Mate 100iC 6L

The maximum diameter for parts in this weld cell is 54". Capability of two turrets allows constant work flow of high quantity weldments for maximized efficiency.

  1. Can handle max diameter 54”
  2. 2 auxiliary axes turrets / dual station 
  3. Seam tracking capabilities
  4. We can weld steel and aluminum in it