Metal Spinning

metal spinning device

Extreme Heavy Metal Spinning

Metal spinning, also known as metal turning, is a high-performance metalworking process that creates axially symmetric metal parts. Spin forming is unlike other metal forming processes that cut and remove material to produce the desired shape. The right metal spinning equipment and metal spinning tools transform a metal disc or tube into a quality spun finished piece.

A conical, toroidal, or round shape is produced by rotating the metal disc or tube, forming a mandrel, clamping it on a horizontal or vertical CNC spinning lathe machine. The metal spinning process can be performed either hot or cold, depending on the piece of metal being spun.

The most powerful metal spinning equipment of its type ever built for a U.S. company is right here.

R-2000IB 165F: Making Metal Spinning Easy

Our capacity has increased, and labor requirements have decreased since adding this industrial metal spinning work center into our shop. Many of our parts are “big and heavy.” Therefore, our workforce loves the fact that they don’t need to handle these metal discs constantly. Since materials are moved with this mechanical workhorse, our labor force can focus on continuous production and quality improvement.

Metal Spinning Machine Capabilties

Metal Spinning Advantages

In addition to our spinning solutions, we also offer CNC machining, welding, and cutting services here at Glenn Metalcraft.

Glenn Metalcraft has a broad, advanced collection of automated metalworking equipment supported by the latest software. Our contract manufacturing atmosphere allows us to handle prototypes and production at any volume effectively.

Our large array of equipment and expertise sparks our most powerful capability: Innovation from people who enjoy pushing the envelope of what our equipment can produce.

An expert staff takes care of your project through our full-service process. This process eliminates external sourcing saving you time and money, and you receive superior parts from our state-of-the-art equipment and knowledgeable team.

We work with metals ranging from the thinnest of gauges up to 1.5” in thickness. Our CNC lathes provide extreme accuracy and maximum, controllable power for our operators. Working with a CNC lathe offers consistency across all our jobs.

Glenn Metalcraft is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. We provide products and services that exceed industry quality standards.

Glenn Metalcraft is part of the Elemet Group of metalworking companies. Our sister companies, Minnesota Industrial Coatings and Elemet Manufacturing offer finishing and fabricating services.