The most powerful spin forming machine of its type ever built for a U.S. company is right here. 

Glenn Metalcraft has a broad, advanced collection of equipment supported by the latest software. Our contract manufacturing atmosphere allows us to effectively handle prototypes and production at any volume. Our array of equipment and expertise sparks our most powerful capability: Innovation from people who enjoy pushing the envelope of what our equipment can produce.

An expert staff takes care of your project through our full-service process. This eliminates outside sourcing so you save time, money and receive superior parts from our state-of-the-art equipment and knowledgeable team.

Quick Process

You simply want to issue one PO to order your parts. Send GMI the purchase order and we will take care of the rest. Glenn Metalcraft handles your project from start to finish with one purchase order.

3 step quick process

Step 1

Contact one of our dedicated sales people to discuss your needs and requirements so that we can fully understand how we can specifically help you.

3 step quick process

Step 2

Issue a purchase order through our sales team and start our New Project process. Our project manager will contact you and we begin the production of your order.

3 step quick process

Step 3

Receive the parts we produced, Inspect and Repeat.

Glenn Metalcraft Capabilities

Glenn Metalcraft CapabilitiesSpinning

Glenn Metalcraft’s spin forming capabilities range from the thinnest of gauges up to 1.5” in thickness. Our CNC (computer numerical control) lathes provide extreme accuracy and maximum, controllable power for our operators. CNC offers consistency in all of our jobs. 

  1. 120” diameter
  2. material up to 1.5” thick

Glenn Metalcraft Capabilities

Glenn Metalcraft CapabilitiesWelding

We weld what we spin and spin what we weld. Our certified welders use manual and robotic welding to bond alloys with precision on all of our weldments.

  1. Work area up to 10' long and up to 4' wide
  2. Multiple head robotic welders for added versatility of multiple feeds in same operation
  3. Consistent/reliable
  4. Multi-indexing capabilities

Glenn Metalcraft Capabilities

Glenn Metalcraft CapabilitiesMachining

We have the ability to machine parts on our turning lathes or vertical milling work centers. Our extensive partner network gives us the flexibility to supply you with virtually any request.

  1. Robotic material handler
  2. Work area up to 40" x 80"
  3. Mill and lathe capabilities in-house
  4. Constant cycle time improvement

Glenn Metalcraft Capabilities

Glenn Metalcraft CapabilitiesCutting

GMI continually improves, adds and upgrades it's equipment to expand offerings to customers. Our goal is to offer all options to our customers for cutting necessary features into all of the products we produce.  Our equipment now includes the offerings of laser, plasma, and water jet.

  1. Laser table (4000W laser) 2 meter x 4 meter bed
  2. 5-Axis HD plasma and Waterjet capabilities
  3. Multiple work centers and locations for redundancy and capacity
  4. Ability to cut parts with no heat induction and no laser scale

Glenn Metalcraft Capabilities

Glenn Metalcraft CapabilitiesFinishing

In the innovative spirit of GMI, the acquisition of a paint company in 2012 has proved to be successful and we have now moved into a separate building. Built in 2014, Minnesota Industrial Coatings has a state-of-the-art facility. MIC carefully guides each part through preparation, coating, testing, packaging and shipping. The expert technicians work closely with each customer to provide the best parts using our leading coatings technologies, eco-sensitive and quality-driven processes.

Learn more about MIC

  1. E-coat capabilities
  2. 4’x6’x10’ automated powder line
  3. Batch area available for small lot or large parts
  4. 700 hr salt spray results
Minnesota Industrial Coatings