Robotic Welding: High Quality Welds From Industry Leaders

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State-of-the-Art Innovative Robotic Welding

We are your complete source for automated robotic welding services with precise results and rapid turnaround times.

Automated processes are making things faster, cheaper, and more efficient. And the welding sector is not left behind.

At Glenn Metalcraft Inc., we provide increased efficiency and flexibility for manufacturers and engineers with a variety of robotic welding services.

We combine the latest technology with high-precision robotic welding. We want to exceed your expectations for timely delivery, reliability, and customer service.

Types of Robotic Welding Services We Offer

Some of the robotic welding capabilities you can expect from Glenn Metalcraft Inc. include;

Robotic TIG Welding (Gas Tungsten Arc)

TIG welding comes in handy where precision is needed. The process involves forming an arc between the metal and a non-consumable tungsten electrode.

The TIG welding process offers many unique alloy and filler metal options, making it incredibly versatile. It is useful in several industries, including aerospace, electronic enclosures, medical, defense/military, and custom projects.

Robotic Laser Welding

Our state-of-the-art laser generators deliver a laser light using fiber optics through a robotic cutting head that welds pieces firmly together.

Laser welding is particularly beneficial in the automotive industry, where it boosts productivity at a low cost when welding automotive parts. It also works for high-volume welding applications that need high precision, such as in the jewelry and medical industries.

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Robotic Spot Welding

Robotic Spot welding is a type of resistance welding used to join thin pieces of metal that are resistant to electrical currents.

We use cutting-edge robot spot welding machinery that is carefully monitored for precision and reliable welded parts.

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Robotic MIG Welding (Gas Metal Arc)

Robotic MIG welding is a high deposition rate process that involves continuously feeding a wire toward the heated weld tip.

The GMAW process can handle any weldable metal, with the most common ones being carbon & stainless steel and aluminum.

This welding process offers versatility, speed, and the ability to integrate machine or robotic assistance.

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Robotic Plasma Welding

Plasma welding is helpful where velocity and temperatures can be adjusted with ease for better flexibility.

It utilizes ionized gas passed through a thin nozzle to produce high temperatures and join pieces of metal. It is perfect for building electronics.

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Benefits of Robotic Welding: Fast and Cost-Saving

Robotic welding delivers high-quality and precise results every time. The systems work faster than any skilled human labor, saving you valuable time. Consistent quality means that there is minimal scrap or waste. This can prove invaluable when it comes to high-value jobs that require a fast turnaround.

Automated welding requires less manpower than manual welding, eliminating the need for extra staff. You also get more benefits when you invest in an all-in-one robotic welding service such as:

Robotic welding is the future of manufacturing. It’s a highly accurate, consistent welding process that will produce high-quality products every time.

Robotic welding delivers premium and precise results that continue to perform against the test of time. Consistent quality means that there’s minimal scrap or mistakes; this, in turn, improves your business’s carbon footprint and bottom line. Its rapid production capability can also prove invaluable when it comes to high-value jobs that require a fast turnaround.

Here’s a sample of the benefits you receive when you invest in our all-in-one robotic welding service:

Why Choose Glenn Metalcraft Inc. for Robotic Welding Services

As a certified welding company with decades of industry experience (since 1947), we provide the high-precision welding services you need. We use high-tech equipment and create products that meet your specifications.

Boasting vast access to metal experts, we can recommend the best materials for your products. We have a solid relationship with our clients thanks to our dedication to growing in the right direction.

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