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How to Overcome Precision CNC Machining Challenges

At Glenn Metalcraft Inc, we take pride in serving the OEM industry under the direction of our parent company, Elemet Group. We have the privilege of working alongside other companies in the Group that specialize in a variety of manufacturing processes, including precision CNC machining.

Glenn Metalcraft is unique. We are one of the only companies well-versed in precision CNC spinning. The acronym CNC stands for computer numerical control, a method for automating control of machine tools through microcomputer software located in the tool. 

Precision CNC spinning is an extremely effective and accurate way to approach metal fabrication projects. As with any approach, CNC spinning presents challenges. However, these challenges are also solvable. We have composed a list of possible challenges and remedies that you may face when utilizing CNC machining. 

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5 Common Challenges of Precision CNC Machining 

The most common issues with machined parts arise with improper maintenance and usage. Below are 5 of the most common errors you may encounter when using CNC machinery. 

1. Applying Wrong Settings and Tools 

Using an inappropriate cutting tool or setting will present challenges and errors. If the cutting tool is not sharp and there is not an appropriate cutting coolant used, a poor surface finish will result. Additionally, this causes a cutter mark on your material and unnecessary wear on your tool. 

Damages occur when the machine settings are wrong. When the feed rate is too high, rough edges and marks appear on your piece. Setting the feed rate too low will burn your workpiece. Wrong settings may even burn your tools. 

2. Machine Vibrating and Chattering 

CNC Machine vibration and chatter are related to tools and settings. If your CNC machine is vibrating or chattering, something needs changing. When the issue goes unfixed, tools will lose durability, the accuracy of dimensions will be affected, and the quality of the workpiece will diminish. 

rack of different metal tube profiles

3. Choosing Inappropriate Raw Material 

The material chosen for your project is an important factor. Some machinists will have an easier time working with certain metals. Moreover, some materials require certain strengths when used for specific functions. 

Each metal responds differently to CNC machining. Some metals need extra steps to produce high-quality products, such as deburring. Note how CNC machining affects different metals and parts. 

If you do not take time to consider what metals are best for your project, you may face avoidable issues had you used a different type of material. 

4. Processing and Programming Data 

CNC machining relies on software. This software can easily affect a machine’s performance. Sometimes, issues may arise when the computer software is not productively communicating with the device. For example, the software may dictate machine instructions too slowly. 

CNC machines are programmed and have a programming language. Lack of knowledge of coding and programming data will lead to errors in production and problems with the machines. 

5. Purchasing and Repairing CNC Machines 

CNC machines are expensive and require a hefty investment. CNC machine repairs are also costly. The machines are notoriously complex and require specific mechanical and programming knowledge to repair. The knowledge required takes years to develop and does not come easily.

metal part being fabricated using precision CNC machining

Remedies for Common Precision CNC Machining Challenges

Fortunately, each challenge has a corresponding remedy. Most of the solutions require educating yourself on how CNC machinery works. Knowledge will allow you to take preventive measures to avoid precision CNC spinning errors. 

Deal with Setting and Tools 

Setting and Tool issues are relatively easy to fix. Consider the following solutions: 

  • Examine the material and decide what tool and setting is appropriate 
  • If a tool is blunt, replace the tool with a sharpened tool 
  • Examine the tool type and adjust the settings accordingly 

Listen for Chatter and Vibration 

When these noises appear, something is wrong. Check these areas if you notice chattering or vibrating: 

  • Adjust the RPM 
  • Use tool holders that are balanced 
  • Check if there is enough lubricant 
  •  Look at CNC machine part positioning
  • Check hydraulic pump and pressure 

Know the Correct Material to Use 

Knowing your metals will help you avoid issues linked to the material. To avoid issues: 

  • Know what material you and your staff can machine well 
  • Know the project 
  • Consider what material will be most efficient based on part function 

technician programming precision CNC machine

Address Process and Program Issues 

Processing and programming pitfalls are not easy for new operators to address. An experienced operator that knows coding is best at fixing data issues. However, there are some steps you can take yourself: 

  • Make sure the machine is aligned mechanically 
  • Try turning off the machine and reboot 
  • Technical upgrades
  • Invest in programming training 

The most beneficial fix for an ineffective CNC machine is to upgrade hardware and computer software. 

Take Preventive Measures to Reduce Repairs 

Upfront, CNC machinery is expensive. Small companies may struggle to adjust to the costs of CNC machinery. In the long run, investing in CNC machining will yield profit. 

Repairs are costly and require expertise. To reduce the cost of repairs, make sure you are proactive. Follow these suggestions: 

  • Invest in preventive machine maintenance programs 
  • Make sure technicians know how to operate CNC equipment correctly
  • Regularly check hardware and software 
  • Clean and perform regular maintenance on the machine, often 
  • Check airflow and lube levels 

Calipers, pen, and other tools laying on a precision CNC machining drawing

CNC Machining Solutions 

There are many challenges presented when operating CNC machinery. However, understanding possible difficulties will help you fix them.

It is feasible to operate precision CNC spinning smoothly. The right information and materials are needed. If you are interested in an in-depth review of the benefits of CNC machines, check out this article. 

To keep away from CNC machinery complications altogether, hire Glenn Metalcraft Inc for your precision CNC spinning needs. Our staff are adept at addressing issues that arise while operating CNC machines. Our highly skilled team is dedicated to fulfilling project needs and providing excellent customer service. Reach out to Glenn Metalcraft today!

CNC Machining

Take Advantage of the Flexibility of CNC Machine Capabilities

If you’re looking for the best machined part services, then computer numerical controlled machining (CNC) is the best process for you. Manufacturing any product you need has never been easier with modern CNC machine capabilities. Today’s latest models make it possible to produce more quickly and affordably while providing a highly accurate product. 

CNC machining also offers a wide range of potential features to customers. At Glenn Metalcraft Inc., we specialize in the best CNC machining equipment, operators, tools, and standards to provide high-quality services to our customers. Here are some reasons we love CNC machining and why you should take advantage of these revolutionary products. And if you want to learn more about our manufacturing processes and what we can do for your machining needs, you can reach out to us today. 

CNC Machine Capabilities

A CNC machine lathe

The CNC in CNC machining refers to “computer numerical control.” This phrase means that, rather than a human directly handling the cutting tools and operations, a computer or CNC program controls the machining. As a result, the computer can control every aspect of the machining process, from replacing cutting tools to welding. 

CNC lathes can cut far more precisely than humans can. As a result, they can also handle more dangerous tasks without concern for team member safety. CNC manufacturing processes are only becoming more efficient as the software continues to improve each year and enhance the quality of manufactured parts.

There are many benefits to using CNC machine capabilities for your manufacturing. Here are just a few:

Tasks are accomplished at high speed. 

Computers remain focused on the task at hand, need fewer breaks, and make fewer mistakes. All these factors mean that the machinery will perform tasks more quickly. So, you can expect faster completion times and increased productivity.


With humans, there is often room left for human error. After all, people make mistakes. 

But computer-aided design (CAD) means that accuracy is far higher. In fact, it can almost perfectly replicate a template to the accuracy of 1/1,000th of a unit. So you can trust you’re getting what you want from the software and its robotic tools. 

Lower maintenance. 

When you hire companies like Glenn Metalcraft Inc., you may not notice that CNC devices need less maintenance compared to other manufacturing processes. But you will see the difference reflected in fast turnaround times and an affordable rate. 

Large projects accomplished safely. 

Computer-aided design (CAD) software is not only accurate and fast, but the tools themselves can handle large pieces of metal and complex tasks. Fabrication of a large part or specific tasks may pose a danger to staff, but a powerful machine can accomplish the task at hand safely with great accuracy. 

Not sure if CNC machining is right for the part you need to be created? Talk with the engineers at Glenn Metalcraft Inc. and ask what we recommend for this process. 

Multi-Axis Power

A CNC machine at work

There are various types of CNC machines. Each machine can accomplish tasks differently. For example, CNC turning vs. milling is two ways of handling materials to produce a part. The difference is that turning requires the material to move, whereas milling means that the machine’s parts move around the material. 

But in addition to techniques used, you also have options for how many axes a machine has. With more axes come greater CNC machine capabilities. That’s because each axis allows for more movements, allowing the robotic mechanisms to move precisely to accomplish the function required. 

People who are familiar with CNC machine capabilities are most familiar with 3 and 5-axis units. After the 3-axis and 4-axis designs, the 5-axis showcased a significant improvement in machine competency. But people didn’t stop at the 5-axis, and units continue to improve to this day. 

The Benefits of 6-Axis CNC Machining Tools

A CNC machine working

As technology improves, 5-axis units have become the standard. But the 6-axis design improved upon the 5-axis device’s configuration and pushed the limit of CNC machine capabilities. The 6-axis tool allows for much faster cutting times and greater efficiency.

With the release of 6-axis tools, Glenn Metalcraft Inc. chose to invest in this technology. The 6-axis shows time and time again that it produces the best results for our customers. With faster turnaround times and reliable accuracy, we confidently ship our products to our customers, knowing that they will love the results.

If you’re considering what CNC machine capabilities can do for you, check out the axes available from a provider. The more axes, the greater the efficiency and functionality applied to your product. 

Robots in Machining Services

CNC machine capabilities

To be clear, robotics and computer numerical control services are not the same. While there is much overlap in the benefits, there are differences between the two that one is better for certain customers than the other.

However, within the CNC process, a robotic material handler carries out the actions that the computer dictates. For example, Glenn Metalcraft Inc. uses the R-200IB. This machine has a high capacity load with the latest software on the market to guarantee a great product. 

Although our R-200IB is located at our Glenn Metalcraft Inc. Fort Worth, Dallas, Princeton, Minnesota locations, we can ship products throughout the country. You won’t believe what these robotic tools can do until you see the results with your own eyes!

Conclusion — Get Professional CNC Machining

Two workers using a CNC machine

With great accuracy, efficiency, and affordability, there are countless benefits to using CNC machining processes. The power behind these tools and software delivers high-quality materials to industries around the world. 

If you’re looking for professional CNC machining, Glenn Metalcraft Inc. is here to help. Our relationships with customers are as solid as the metals we work with, forged on quality service for the highest quality parts. We ensure that our services are a perfect fit for each product. 

Contact us today to speak with our skilled engineers about your manufacturing needs, and we’ll get started on shipping the perfect CNC machining for your business.